w o r k s h o p s

If you'd like to do all the fun stuff I'm doing, join one of my courses or workshops!

   PDF selfstudy, 4 weeks, english
   Kim's Little Monsters

   Yes, you can also hire me for individual lessons!
    If you have a specific thing you'd like to learn (illustration, fashion drawing,
    technical drawing skills, making your work digital, photoshop illustration, etc.),
    please contact me by email.
    I'll make a custom workshop or series of lessons to fit your need.

  What does this expertise cost? ;-)
   €50,- (excl VAT) p/hour for private lessons
   €60,- (excl VAT) p/hour for 2 people (for bigger groups please contact me by email)
   This price includes basic material, coffee & tea

  Where does this take place?
  In my home studio, 15 km from Amsterdam CS
  If you prefer me to come to you: €10,- €20,- p/hour (depending on the distance) is added to
  the basic hour price + 0,19ct p/km


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